I will always be grateful to Hatzalah for your excellent response to our emergency call. They gave excellent treatment to my husband. Their way of handling the situation had a calming effect on my husband and also me. I am very appreciative.

Both my wife and I wanted to thank Hatzalah for the terrific work you did for our son on shabbos afternoon when he had a very bad fall at a friend’s house and your team responded to the call. Please thank each one of the responders that responded to the call. We are most appreciative of what they did. We wish you much Hatzlacha in all your endeavors.

Words cannot express how grateful we are to you and your quick responders!!! Though we would have rather not have had a personal experience with your organization, we did. And we are so thankful that there was a Hatzalah to help us out.

This past shabbos, Hatzalah was called […] for an elderly family member who was having chest pains. The three men who responded to the call were like malochim heaven sent. They were pleasant, courteous, bakovodik, and most of all knowledgeable of what needed to be done. They went into action and took take of business. Our family is most appreciative to Hatzalah for the quick and prompt response. Can you please express our heartfelt thanks and hakoras hatov to these outstanding responders for their dedication and devotion to our community, it is MOST appreciated.

You recently transported my son. He had a bleeding foot and needed to go to Skokie hospital. It was so comforting to know and see him treated by you! We truly appreciate your help!

This donation is in zechus of the Hatzalah volunteers, who gave of their time, energy and medical expertise to help our son during his emergency. We sincerely appreciate their genuine concern and how they devoted themselves to our situation in middle of the day. From the moment of the first response […] through the time that the ambulance transported him to Evanston Hospital, we experienced true chesed. May they be gebentched with gezunt, hatzlacha and nachas.

After having experienced the quick response of Hatzalah first hand, I am truly grateful for the peace of mind and professionalism that the EMT volunteers had. It is truly a Kiddush Hashem each and every time they are out on a call. A great asset to the community.