On December 19, 2015, Hatzalah Chicago completed four years of saving lives by scrambling multiple resources on a moment’s notice to provide emergency medical care to all who call upon us, 24/7.

This year was a particularly busy year as we worked with legislators to improve our response times. We could not have achieved this goal without the direct assistance of our local police departments.

On December 16th, at the annual Hatzalah Chicago appreciation dinner, we invited the police chiefs and commanders from Chicago, Skokie, Lincolnwood, and Evanston to demonstrate our gratitude for their partnership and assistance that they provide Hatzalah, and the community, on a daily basis.

One who saves a single life is considered as if he has saved an entire world.

To the Chicago Police Department, Skokie Police Department, Lincolnwood Police Department, and Evanston Police Department, and on behalf of the Chicagoland Jewish Community, we say thank you!